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Sailing is a fantastic sport – but it is also a very complex sport, especially when you try to get around a triangular course as quickly as possible. Some sail their boats very fast, others know exactly where to go – the top guys always do both very well. So how should you train to be as good as the top guys? And how can you trigger this potential when it comes to major competition?

Many of us had coaches when they were younger but as we grew up most of us switched to national or international classes which other than youth classes do not offer regular training by a coach.

SAILUCATION offers you everything you need for a successful sailboat racing campaign. There are just 5 key elements that really matter – we call them Sailing’s Big Five::

In sailing a lot of things cannot be predicted so there is no certain time in which you have to finish a certain lap. So the only thing you can do is being prepared as good as possible and free your mind to concentrate on the things that matter. Concentration is the key. At the end not only your results will improve but also how you feel about your own performance. The SAILUCATION Performance Improvement Process (PiC) helps you to improve continuously and gives you transparency about the areas you need to work on.

I believe everybody can be successful in this sport. There is not one single talent that gives you the ultimate advantage. The sport is too complex. Most important is that you find your own style and your personal talent that can contribute to sailing better. And who knows you better than you?

Make yourself a better sailor!

SAILUCATION will help you going from strength to strength.

About me

I have always loved the water and being on a boat. While growing up in Southern Germany where you only find lakes with no wind I moved to the sea as soon as I could.

After having spent my most intense time in Melbourne training for the Contender Worlds in 2006 and working as a sailmaker I started winning international regattas including multiple Nationals and a European Championship.

As I have never taken part in the classical youth sailing cycle going through all the youth classes I had to learn how to organize my training by myself. This includes both training methods on the water and theoretical knowledge about the weather, how to tune a boat and the Racing Rules.

So far this had been a great journey and I have learned heaps about how to sail quickly around a course in a dinghy. While holding a full time job I still try to spend as much time on the water as possible. But of course time seems always short. So I have started developing methods how to get the most out of my training time without feeling stressed and still having fun.

I am happy to share everything with you. The better everyone gets out there on the race course the better the competition and the more fun we all have. For me sailing is a huge learning experience. On the water I meet friends and share the passion I love.

Feel free to join me!

Happy sailing and see you soon on the water!

Christoph Homeier, Founder of

Our Vision:

“Helping sailors to improve their racing performance through giving them the right methods and tools for self coaching.”

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