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deal with setbacks

How to deal with setbacks

All of us will inevitably deal with setbacks while preparing for a major event or even during an event. A setback can be seen as a difficulty of achieving a desired goal. This is something that blocks your ability to perform well in a…
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Sailucation Venue Analysis

SAILUCATION Venue Analysis

Why is structure so important? Sailing is such a complex sport. Therefore it is very easy to forget certain things – especially on a racing day of a major competition. I am always a little bit nervous and try to make…
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sea breeze effect

The Sea Breeze

The Sea Breeze Effect The sea breeze is an onshore thermal wind. It is generated when the air over land is warmed, expands and rises, then flows out seawards, cools and moves downwards again and replaces the air that starts to…
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Sail better

5 tipps to just sail better Just sail better! Doesn’t this sound easy? In the previous blog posts you could already read a lot about certain topics around the boat, how to improve boat speed, tactics and so on. But how could…
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contender from the back

Being in the Groove

Being in the groove means that your boat is just perfectly balanced. You feel like you are in a kind of meditational condition. When you are in the groove you are sailing top speed and height or at least you are…
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laser 2000 sailing upwind

Boat Tuning – Know your Numbers!

In boat tuning in general you can differentiate between static and dynamic settings. Static settings usually cannot be changed on the water or are not allowed to be changed during a race (i.e. spreader angle, shroud tension in many classes,…) whereas…
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