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boats lining up for start, sailing

Starting Strategy

Starting Strategy – how to sail an excellent start 1. What is an excellent start? The start is the most crucial part of a sailboat race. Although a race cannot be won at the start it definitively can be lost.…
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14 capsize

Major Mistakes in racing sailboats

How to avoid major mistakes Races in sailing are mostly not won by doing everything right but by making less mistakes than the competition. Even the winner of a race makes mistakes. But he knows how to avoid the major…
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several boats approaching the top mark

Approaching the top mark

The question to be asked prior to approaching the top mark is: What are my top priorities when rounding?Depending on the wind the answer will be different: In light air you want to go for clear air and speed. There…
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finn surfing downwind

Sailing Downwind – Enjoy the Ride!

Sailing downwind is a lot about putting different parts together to a whole picture. You need to pump the boat at the correct time, with the right heel, the necessary steering and body movement. Balance is import, the combination of…
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Racing Rules of Sailing Upwind

Racing Rules of Sailing

What are the Racing Rules of Sailing? The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) are updated and published by World Sailing every four years. The latest version of the Racing Rules of Sailing is 2017-2020. They are the foundation for all…
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Olympic Course sailing

Sailboat Racing Basics

How to race in sailboats – sailboat racing basics Are you new to sailing? Or maybe new to racing in sailboats. The following video gives you a brief overview about the basics in racing sailboats. How works the start. What…
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laser at start, windy day

Racing in Big Fleets

What’s most important when racing in big fleets? Racing in big fleets is quite different to sailing in small fleets. In general you can take higher risks in small fleets as you won’t lose as many boats. There will be…
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weather basics

Weather Basics for a Sailboat Racer

Weather Basics A very important part of prerace planning is figuring out the wind, its direction and strength – short the weather basics. In sailboat racing knowing which way and how strong the wind blows is like knowing the numbers…
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two boat tuning-SAILUCATION; how to line up when you do two-boat-tuning for improving your boat speed

Upwind Strategy – Left or right?

Definition of Strategy Strategy is our racing plan based on wind direction, wind shifts, wind strength and current – strategy focuses on the big picture. Tactics are techniques we use for positioning and control of other boats or groups of boats.…
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