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Boat speed

“Superior boat speed makes you look like a tactical genius.”

This old saying is so true. An edge in boat speed means that you gain when you make ordinary tactical decisions and you are far in front when you make the right tactical decisions. Of course boat speed does not help avoiding to go to the wrong side of the course. But it definitely helps you to recover from poor decisions and you can take less risks and still be able to win. Sail very fast and take a conservative approach and you will be very hard to beat.

finn surfing downwind

Sailing Downwind – Enjoy the Ride!

Sailing downwind is a lot about putting different parts together to a whole picture. You need to pump the boat at the correct time, with the right heel, the necessary steering and body movement. Balance is import, the combination of…
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contender from the back

Being in the Groove

Being in the groove means that your boat is just perfectly balanced. You feel like you are in a kind of meditational condition. When you are in the groove you are sailing top speed and height or at least you are…
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laser 2000 sailing upwind

Boat Tuning – Know your Numbers!

In boat tuning in general you can differentiate between static and dynamic settings. Static settings usually cannot be changed on the water or are not allowed to be changed during a race (i.e. spreader angle, shroud tension in many classes,…) whereas…
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