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Lessons learned

Time to evaluate.

No matter how good your target competition has been you always want to analyze what was good and what needs improvement. Now it is time to think and analyze why certain things did not go the way you wanted them to. Take a helicopter view and learn for the future.

Don’t wait too long with your lessons learned. I know that especially after bad races at times when you haven’t reached your goals it is quite hard to get back to business and write down what went wrong and which parts were good. Then you rather feel like putting the boat into the corner and do some other things until the frustration calms down and you feel like going back on the water.
But the longer you wait to do your lessons learned the more things you may forget. Our minds are well tuned so that they especially forget the bad things quite quickly. But those ones you want to remember so that you know what you need to train at for the next competition. Otherwise you will hardly improve.

Sailucation Lessons Learned

What went wrong: Write down the things that did not go well. Do not euphemise anything. Those are the points you need to work on later on.

What worked well: It is also important to look at the things that worked really well. You know you can rely on them the next time. They also give you self-confidence.

How can I improve: Think about how you can improve the identified problems. For example do you need more time to practise starts in big fleets? Do you have to work on your upwind boatspeed?

What Actions need to be taken: In this category you define the actions to improve the identified issues, i.e. travel to more big events to have more chances to start in big fleets or find a training partner who is going really fast updwind.

You can download the lessons learned document here for FREE.

Last but not least remember:

Some of life`s best lessons are learnt at the worst times. 🙂

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