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Performance Improvement Cycle (PiC)

The SAILUCATION Performance Improvement Cycle offers you a framework to structure your sailboat racing campaign.

In every sport reaching top performance is a long-term process. Although there are many helpful training gadgets on the market and great books and articles written about strategy, tactics and how to set up your boat, unfortunately there are no shortcuts to reach your ultimate potential without putting in heaps of time and energy. And as sailing is such a complex sport and often time is short it is hard enough to decide where to start and what to concentrate on first. The SAILUCATION Performance Improvement Cycle is a method that helps you cutting down all the different aspects of sailing. You will be able to analyze your current situation to be able to set realistic goals and find a way to reach them.

SAILUCATION Performance Improvement Cycle

Stage 1:
Goal Setting

Time to dream.

Goal Setting is the first stage in the SAILUCATION Performance Improvement Cycle. The Goal Setting Stage helps you to understand where you are currently and where you want to go.
First dream.
Then make your plan.

Goal Setting

Stage 2:
Race Preperation

Time to work hard.

After you have set your goals and made a plan how to reach them you face the hardest stage – Race Preperation.
In this stage you need to work hard to close the gap between your current performance and your target performance.

sailing fitness

Stage 3: Target Competition

Time to execute.

Now it is time to use your new skillset, time to see how good your preperation was. Enjoy your target competition. You have done everything you could do. You are not here to give up. You are here to execute. You are here to give your best.


Stage 4: Lessons learned

Time to evaluate.

No matter how good your target competition has been you always want to analyze what was good and what needs improvement. Now it is time to think and analyze why certain things did not go the way you wanted them to. Take a helicopter view and learn for the future.

lessons learned
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