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Sailing’s Big Five

The Big Five in Sailboat Racing

Sailing is a fantastic sport – but it is also a very complex sport, especially when you try to get around a triangular course as quickly as possible. Some sail their boats very fast, others know exactly where to go – the top guys always do both very well. So how should you train to be as good as the top guys? And how can you trigger this potential when it comes to major competition? What matters?

SAILUCATION offers you everything you need for a successful sailboat racing campaign while focusing on the key elements to keep it as simple as possible.

There are just 5 things that matter – we call them Sailing’s Big Five:

Learn about these 5 key elements and start using them in the SAILUCATION Performance Improvement Cycle. You will improve quickly. Not only will you learn how to be a much better sailor but also how to deal with the big challenges in life.

Olympic Course sailing

The Basics

You haven’t raced sailboats before? You need to understand the basics first? Check out the video below . It shows how the start works, which course you have to go etc.

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